How to use a Bar Blade

Bar Blades have been around in the States for years now and here is how to use a bar blade ….having been used mainly in flair competitions. They go under the names Speed Opener, Mamba, Popper and of course Bar Blade. They have now made their entrance to the UK along with flairing which is a very popular hobby with bartenders and a growing sport.

The Legends of Bartending World Championships in Las Vegas is one of many annual competitions they hold in the US where contenders can win cash prizes of over $8000.

In the UK competitions are not as common as yet but they are sure to grow in popularity. BarBlading is a small part of a flair bartender’s routine they use it to do a number of things that impresses the crowd. But the reason I use one behind the bar is that it is so much faster than using any other bottle opener, and it impresses the customer.

I walked in to a bar a while ago and ordered two bottles of beer and the bartender was very polite, he got the bottles one in each hand turned towards me and my friend bent down and opened them on the fixed opener that was under the bar. This was ok I got my drink but I was not impressed.

Now had the bartender had a Bar Blade he could have taken the 2 bottles in one hand and opened them using the popping method. This method makes a loud pop noise when opening a bottle and amazes the customer. I have had so many people ask “what is that?” or “how do you make it pop?” They love it. It creates more interaction and therefore increase the possibility of tips. It will make you a faster bartender and therefore increase your total on the till and clear the bar quicker. This helps people get served quicker therefore increasing sales and I’m sure your boss will be happy with that, mine was.

Just make sure you study the below carefully, and get it right… here is how to use a bar blade

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Traditional Bar Blade Method.

The Traditional Method

This is, I find the easiest method and most of the time the quickest, especially if you can hold 3 bottles in one hand, the tops come off very quickly. Just put the blade on as shown in the picture and lift as quickly as you like. Speed will come with practice.

Hook Bar Blade Method.

The Hook Method

This method is similar to the traditional method just reversed. It is done in the same way and can be done with the same speed when mastered as it is slightly harder, but it offers another way and variation is always good.

Flick How to method.

The Flick Method

This method is one of the harder ones to get right. It is done in one swift motion, the blade has to go on in the position shown only holding with as shown, with your thumb on one side and two fingers on the other. You can reduce this to just one finger when you master it. The blade should come straight off as soon as it touches the bottle bringing the top with it. This looks particularly good when put on the bar and done in front of customers.

Pop How to use method.

The Pop Method

This is the most impressive of the methods. Holding the bottle very firmly with one hand, hit the bottle with blade, as shown in the picture, straight up and the top will ‘pop’ off. This noise varies between bottles but always gets a good reaction from the customers. It works best with a baby tonic bottle or similar.

Reverse Pop Method.

The Reverse Pop Method

This is the pop method but backwards. This is a lot more difficult than the regular popping method. But it is done in the same way just on the other side of the bottle. This is always a good way to get a response from your customers.

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